Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who am I?

Like most girls do, I really struggle with my self worth and how I see myself. Today while having some quiet time with God, I really felt led to think about who I am. I started a list and feel led to share it with whoever, if anyone, reads this. It started with some things that are weird/quirky about me and grew from some prayer and consideration. I hope that I can continue to add to this list as I keep discovering who (and whose) I am. I am:
-the girl who babbles when she is nervous
-a good listener
-one who loves too easily (and too fiercely)
-flawed, but a powerful tool for the Kingdom of God
-a follower OF Christ
-a leader FOR Christ
-confident IN Christ
-worthy of love
-exactly where I am supposed to be
-being used in ways I may not see or understand
-never alone
-created for a purpose
-a daughter of the Most High

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