Thursday, June 30, 2011

Living in the Sticky

I feel stuck.

Now don't misunderstand, I am very much content with my life right now. I am so very blessed and I try to recognize that every day. However in many ways in my life I am in limbo. I don't feel like a child, and even though I am almost 26 (eep!) I don't quite feel like an adult. I am working, but don't have a career. I am in college, but don't fit in with the "college students". I want to hold onto the past, but I am so excited for the future. All of my friends are getting married and having babies, and here I am. Just me.

I don't doubt that God has an amazing plan for my life. But sometimes I am so caught up in the business of every day life, that I forget that anticipation of what is to come. The real world is not like the board game LIFE. It is not a race to get married, have the career and have babies to fill up your little car. Our culture has pressed that into us, but I do not believe that is in God's design. The pace of my life is that which is laid out for me. I do worry though that I am not advancing to that next space because of stagnancy or mistakes that are of my own making. How do I make the steps today to take me into the next portion of my life? And just when and where will that be? All I know is that for now I am stuck. There is a lesson to be learned here in the stickiness.