Friday, February 26, 2010

emotional debt

After doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University program this last fall, I am finally getting into getting myself out of debt. Money is always a struggle, but for me... lets just say its not my spiritual gift (DR would call me the "free spirit") Today is the first day in YEARS that I can look ahead to the rest of the year with excitement instead of dread at where I will find the money to pay the bills. I paid off two of my three credit cards today and it gave me the biggest rush! For once I feel like I CAN be in control of this. Next is going crazy intense on that last credit card, and then working on paying back my parents (lucky they don't charge interest!)

Thinking about this though, has led me to wonder how many times in my life have I put myself in emotional debt? Sometimes I know this is through selfishness and pushing away the people I need the most, and sometimes it is through an unhealthy level of taking care of everyone else and ignoring my own needs. It all goes back to that favorite word of mine - BALANCE. While I am renegotiating my checkbook, I am taking a look over my heart too. Looking at where my passions are, what I need to achieve my goals and the people who encourage me to be all of those things. I have come to one conclusion that amazes me every time:

I am amazingly blessed.