Thursday, May 13, 2010

feeling the same way all over again

It took some time to figure out, but I have discovered why this week has been so hard- I came home from Spain one year ago. I think it is hard to accept that. I think the hardest part of it is how alone I feel. No one here really understands what I went through and the experiences I had (T- you come close though). Everyone lives in Georgia or is away at school and I feel abandoned. Of course we all said "We will stay in touch" but it has faded as time has pressed on. I know that they still care and that it is just life being busy and getting in the way, but that doesn't stop it from hurting.

And then I wonder if that is how God feels about us. Our lives "get in the way" of spending time with Him. We get so caught up that we forget to tell our Daddy how much we love Him. I think this is as humbling as it is challenging. How many times am I guilty of putting school or work or even sleep above that time. And I don't even feel that He asks that much from us. How much would a few minutes a day brighten His heart? We are His beloved children and as such, He longs to have that relationship with us.