Saturday, July 25, 2009


Going through a rough time right now and can't write bc I can't even process this all for myself. I know that God is using this to make room for something in my life, but everything just hurts so much right now. I have to just keep trusting that this is all for a reason. He has a plan.

I am writing because I have to get rid of my dog, Scout. I need to find him a good home so I do not have to put him down. I am hoping that someone will be able to take him, or that you may know someone who can.

Scout is almost 5 years old, neutered male German Shepherd mix. He is microchipped and up to date on shots (or will be as of Tuesday). He went through training with me at Petsmart & I have had him since he was 2 weeks old, so he has no history of abuse or neglect. He is kennel trained, but does need to have an owner with a yard and someone who has history with dogs. Not good for a first-time pet owner as he requires more attention and dominance and Scout has never been around children, so I am not sure how he would react to them. He is has lived with another dog and with cats. (no harm has come to the cats, but he does like to chase them occasionally)

I have to get rid of him because he did have an incedent while a friend was petsitting this past weekend and she was hurt. Our homeowners insurance will not cover our house if we keep him because we had to file a claim with them in order to help pay her medical bills. I am trying to do what is best for my friend and also for Scout. I have spoken to his trainer and to my vet and we think it was an issue with food aggressiveness. This can be fixed with some attention and training. He just needs someone to give him the chance. Scout is currently in observation at the vet and at the end of observation will be up to date on his shots and cleared to go home on Tuesday evening. I am working to take care of the vet bills, whoever can take him would just need to pay the registration fees to the county and have Scout switched into their names. He is free to a good home and I will give you his kennel and all of his things. If there was any way that I could keep him, I would- I just need to know that he is going to be given a chance at the rest of his life and have someone to love him.

Please let me know if you are interested, or give my info to anyone you know that might be.