Tuesday, May 12, 2009

tu cara en la cara de la luna

Well. I am officially home from Spain. It was a very very long journey and I am glad to be done with it. The next few days/weeks will be interesting. I am happy to be home and be with my family, but I am devastated that I am not in Spain and with my friends there. Its a weird place to be emotionally.

Last night when I was flying from Chicago to Phoenix, I had passed the point of crying (i think my body has just dried out for a bit) and was just staring out the window and thinking. Watching the world and God's creation turn into the scraggly, rough desert that is home to me. And I was thinking about how the desert really represents me and my growth this past year. (stay with me here.... I was really tired and emotional, so this could be a little crazy) I was thinking about how plants and animals in the desert have to work so hard and face the challenges to survive.... sun, heat, no water, hard dirt... but if you tried to put them in a different environment, they couldn't thrive there. I think that is where I was. I was like a cactus trying to live in a swamp. Not being challenged, not changing, just existing but not LIVING. And now I feel like a cactus in the desert (figuratively and literally) I feel like I understand who I am becoming and some of who God wants me to be. I think I came home from Spain a different person. I hope that other people will see that too (and think its a good thing)

I'm not prepared emotionally to talk about the last bit of Spain, but that will come soon. :)