Sunday, June 21, 2009

you can cross the line whenever you want to

So the last month had been interesting. Being home is really hard, much harder than originally anticipated. I miss Spain a lot, and while this gets better every day I am also worried that there will come a day where I don't miss it. I don't ever want to completely stop missing it. Part of my heart is still there and that will always be like a home to me.

I did something very dangerous tonight. We watched a video at church from a speaker from last year's Leadership Summit. One thing that she said really stuck out to me - she told everyone to just tell God to "Bring It On" and then be ready for whatever he gives you. So I told God- "Ok God, you know where my heart is, lets go. I am in this all the way." I have been thinking a lot about going back to Spain, leading a small group, taking on bigger roles in the ministries I serve in, adding new ministries.... you get the idea. I am just never sure when to say no. I have a hard time discerning the difference between the wants of the people around me (or my own) and what God has in mind. Less than an hour after this prayer, I was presented with an opportunity. Now I am still not sure if this is right or not, but I am going to prayerfully consider it and figure out where my life is going. I am scared, but so excited!